Tuesday presentations – Hepatitis Summit

A2 – Philippa Easterbrook, from data collection to recommendation

A3 – Mojca Matitic, from recommendation to practice

A4 – Magdelena Harris, from peer to research

A5 – Anton Basenko, from patient to advocate

Roundtable 1John Dillon

Roundtable 1Hans Haltmayer

Roundtable 2Maka Gogia

Wednesday presentations – Hepatitis Summit

A8 – Heino Stöver, hepatitis in prison settings

A9 – Natalia Kravchenko, access in EECA countries

A10 – Elisabetta Teti, meet, test and treat

A11- Teresa Sousa, the experiences of GIRUGaia

A15 – Deeba Shahidi, a creative action guide around a “Pill Proposal” developed by Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

A17 – Zuure (udo), MSM

A18 – Julia del Amo, on the move workshop

A21 – John Loftus and Billie, peer and interagency support initiatives

A22 – Magda Ferreira, tailored, peer driven interventions related to hepatitis c

A25 – Martyna Gassowski, unsafe use, knowledge and HCV infection

A26 – Anne Oevrehus, Monitoring HCV infecions and HCV testing behaviors among people who enter into treatment for drug use in Southern Denmark

A28 – Giten Khwairakpam, Generic DAAs, pricing and availability

A29 – James Freeman, Buyer’s Clubs

A33 – Jeff Lazarus, the 2016 Hep-CORE Report